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Inland Empire Innovation Week 2019 is coming 10/7 to 10/11/2019!
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Innovation Week 2019
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Past Events
Tuesday - 10/08/2019
The Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) is happy to host this informative day-long event on innovation in government. The success of this event would not be possible without the support of our many sponsors.
Data that is already owned and paid for is an important tool that can be utilized to provide insight to the effectiveness of the many government programs and initiatives undertaken. In this session, learn how to effectively use data to document success.
Want to understanding the goals of the Riverside Innovation District and the steps that are being taken to make it a reality? Please join us for a fun and exciting e-bike tour. Chief Traffic Engineer Nathan Mustafa: The tour will begin at Lincoln Park – 4261 Park Avenue, Riverside 92507
S: 10/8/2019 at 9:50 AM
E: 10/8/2019 at 10:20 AM
City: Riverside
Box Theater
Across California, affordable housing remains a major hurdle for cities. National CORE, an expert consultant organization on affordable housing, will share the techniques of how to create affordable housing that blends with market-rate housing development.
Cities from around the U.S. have fallen victim to cybersecurity attacks. Ransomware is a vexing and pernicious problem that can dramatically impact a city if left unchecked or ignored. Learn from experts on the innovative strategies that cities in the Inland Empire have implemented to protect themselves from cyber-attacks!
Analyzing big data can paint a clear picture of a community’s future. But how do jurisdictions analyze data and make conclusions on the opportunities and challenges to come? In this session, learn best practices and how big data really works.
S: 10/8/2019 at 11:35 AM
E: 10/8/2019 at 12:05 PM
City: Riverside
An unfortunate reality for too many Inland Empire college graduates is the necessity to move outside the region to find work. This issue, commonly referred to as “brain drain”, was the driving force for the establishment of WRCOG’s Public Service Fellowship Program, which acts as a pipeline between the education and local public sector. Learn more about how retaining local, young graduates will keep the region vibrant!
S: 10/8/2019 at 12:10 PM
E: 10/8/2019 at 12:55 PM
City: Riverside
Box Theater
WRCOG is happy to provide attendees with lunch!
S: 10/8/2019 at 1:00 PM
E: 10/8/2019 at 1:30 PM
City: Riverside
Box Theater
Like many regions across the Country, the Inland Empire faces the potential of job churn and job loss due to automation. The looming threats posed by robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies have the potential to upend dominant Inland Empire industries. Join us as Dr. Johannes Moenius, from the University of Redlands, shares his study on the effects of automation in the Inland Empire.
S: 10/8/2019 at 1:35 PM
E: 10/8/2019 at 2:05 PM
City: Riverside
Box Theater
The Inland Empire is home to many incubators and accelerators that are intended to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and promote innovation throughout the region. But what are the benefits of these centers and what resources do they provide? Learn more about the resources available and how incubators and accelerators are changing the region.
S: 10/8/2019 at 2:10 PM
E: 10/8/2019 at 2:40 PM
City: Riverside
Box Theater
Perris recently received a $5 million-dollar federal grant to implement a training program for workforce development. Learn from the leading city staff on the application process and why the city's application was selected. Perhaps your city is next?
To keep pace with the changing landscape of communication and to educate the public about the people, programs and organizations working to make a difference in the region, WRCOG launched a podcast! This project has been positively received and is available as a template that can be implemented by organizations to improve communication quality and frequency.
S: 10/8/2019 at 3:00 PM
E: 10/8/2019 at 3:30 PM
The City of Riverside developed a single-stop permitting process for local businesses and developers. This effort has encouraged a number of businesses to take root in their city. Learn about best practices from the creators of this program and participate in a tour of the facility!
Thursday - 10/10/2019
S: 10/10/2019 at 10:30 AM
E: 10/10/2019 at 11:30 AM
City: Riverside
Zoom Video Conference
The Riverside Innovation District will re-energize downtown Riverside in a new and exciting way. Join us for a panel discussion that will provide details on the plan, progress and what to expect in the future. https://zoom.us/j/949686744 Questions? Please call Mark Cofano at 949-558-2222. Thank you!
S: 10/10/2019 at 5:00 PM
E: 10/10/2091 at 11:00 PM
City: Riverside
The Long Night of Arts and Innovation will showcase the best STEM and creative arts projects from local educational institutions. California Baptist University; California State University, San Bernardino; La Sierra University; Riverside Community College District; University of California, Riverside; Alvord (AUSD); Jurupa (JUSD); Riverside (RUSD) school districts, and many private schools will be represented.
Friday - 10/11/2019
S: 10/11/2019 at 5:00 PM
E: 10/11/2019 at 7:00 PM
City: Riverside
Riverside Game Lab
There's nothing that says "Thank You" like great food from our very own Retro Tacos here in Riverside. Consistently ranked Awesome by the locals, the Chicken and Waffle tacos will make you happy you wrote that huge sponsor check. Please be our guest! We'll be taking pictures that will be immortalized in some part of the Innovation District!
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